Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grocery Store Tip - Visit the Meat Counter

While at the grocery store today I picked up a family-pack size of hamburger. It's always a little less expensive in family-pack size you know, but I'm not too fond of having to divide it up into one pound portions when I get it home. Messy...ugh!

I stopped by the meat counter and asked the butcher if he would divide it up for me. He was friendly, happy to help, and divided the hamburger into neat, butcher-wrapped portions ready for the freezer. Score! I saved money buying the
family-pack and didn't have to divide it up myself.

Also, I found out they will custom cut a meat selection to my liking, and even custom season any cut with the marinade of my choice, at no extra cost. Check out your local grocery meat department and discover what services they offer! *smile*


  1. Sherri, this is a fantastic tip! (I never thought to ASK... and here they are, just waiting to provide Customer Service...) THANKS for this!

  2. Thanks Kimby! I was a little shy about asking but it was no problem at all...saved me time and no messy hands!