Monday, August 8, 2011

Sharpen Kitchen Scissors- How To

Are your kitchen scissors getting dull?
Use this handy tip to keep your scissors sharp.

What you'll need:

Aluminum foil
Kitchen scissors

1. Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil about 15 inches in length.

2. Fold the foil lengthwise until you have a piece of foil measuring 5 inches by 15 inches. You'll end up with 3 or 4 layers of foil within the folds.

3. Take your scissors and starting at the left side, with your scissors pointing vertically, cut through the foil as if you are making a fringe.

4. Keep cutting a "foil fringe" moving from left to right. (This part is fun...kinda like popping bubble wrap. Ha!) The foil will be more difficult to cut at first but as you go along, you will notice the cuts getting easier and easier. This means your scissors are becoming sharper. Yay!

5. Keep cutting the foil until the scissors feel sharpened to your liking. *smile*


  1. Great tip, and it sounds like a fun thing to do, too! Thanks :)

  2. I like kitchen scissors. I have not always used them but once I started, I found them almost indispensable. I can handle some of the more difficult jobs in the kitchen with them- no need to struggle with a knife that may slip.

    Knives have other disadvantages as well. They really don't give you the kind of grip with most materials that sturdy kitchen scissors do. Plus I find that it takes longer to cut some things with a knife.

    Thanks for this tip. I'm going to try it right now.