Sunday, July 17, 2011

Restaurant Supply Stores- Worth a visit!

Restaurant Supply finds- heavy white dishes, well-made
cookie spatula, and a German-made scrubby. What a cute face!
I've always been curious about restaurant supply stores...what they have inside, what they're like so I went to visit my local- Restaurant Equipment & Supply.
This particular store is open to the public.

My main purpose for visiting was to find white dishes for food photos. I was delighted to find white ceramic dishes sold by the piece. Yay! I didn't have to buy a whole set! 

The store carried some neat kitchen items that you can't find at your local discount store. Every size of cookie scoop you could imagine...every flavor of Torani syrup I think they make...several sizes of Microplane graters. I had a blast just looking around and discovering new things! 

On a frugal note, I was pleased to find better, restaurant-quality items at reasonable prices. Check out your local restaurant supply...I think you'll find it worth a visit. *smile*


  1. Restaurant supply stores are terrific to shop at and it's like going to a crack store for a food blogger. :)

  2. Yes! I still can't get over how many flavors of Torani syrup they had. I'll be going back!

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  4. Good tip! I've already looked up where the closest one would be and have planned my trip! I think my husband is just worried he'll never get me out of there.