Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Decor-Vintage Spice Tins

Spice Tins

I love vintage spice tins...the interesting graphics and bright colors. They add a bit of old-time charm to the kitchen. They are small and easy to display which is a plus in my "cozy" kitchen. Mine are displayed on the window shelf above the sink.

I must confess I did not collect these one by one. I cheated a bit and bought them as a set on Ebay. The seller put together a nice collection of colors and sizes for me.

Vintage spice tins can be found at garage sales, flea markets, and vintage/collectible stores. Prices vary from a dollar or two on up, depending on the age and rarity. What do you "show off" in your kitchen? *smile*


  1. These are so cute. I keep saying to myself I need to start going to garage sales to pick up things for food styling but it hasn't happened yet !

  2. Hi Maureen! Yes, these would look great in the background of a food photo wouldn't they...double duty use! Sherri

  3. Those tins are adorable! :) I wish I could fine some of those around here... I should keep my eyes peeled!