Friday, June 3, 2011

Organizing A Food Pantry

Neat and orderly shelves save you time and money!

Here's how I did mine. I put together "like with like". You'll save time hunting for things when you group similar foods together. (Don't look too closely at the photo above, my pantry is "messy-organized" at the moment. Ha!)

Top Shelf-
All dry cereals together
All dry mixes (cake, brownies, Rice-A-Roni) together.

On the second shelf I grouped all heat-and-eat canned goods.
Second Shelf-
Soups together
Pasta and Chili
Far right, canned veggies

Bottom shelf-
Foods for cooking such as canned tomatoes, canned tuna, pizza sauce
Soup for recipes (cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup)
Pantry staples- ketchup, mustard, Miracle Whip

Other tips:
* Place items on the shelves with the labels facing front so you can quickly see what you need.

* For safety's sake rotate your food. Put the newest item toward the back of the shelf and bring the oldest toward the front so you'll use it first. Also, check the expiration dates- particularly if you know an item has been on the shelf for a long time.

Ahhh! It feels good to be organized! *smile*

How are your pantry or cupboard shelves organized?


  1. I have a giant walk-in pantry with a second dishwasher, ice maker and sink. I love it but wow, every now and then I have to spend an hour cleaning it out. Things can get lost and expire quickly.

    I'm your newest GFC follower - I found you through basilmomma's blog hop :) If you'd like, feel free to visit either of my blogs! (mommy/giveaway blog) (recipes only - I LOVE to cook!)

  2. Thanks for commenting RecipeObsessed! I will definitely stop by. Sherri