Friday, April 15, 2011

Meal Ideas- Make more exciting meals with food combos.

Consider the steak dinner. The usual steak dinner consists of a steak, baked potato, and a salad. Why is this combination of foods so appealing? It's the flavor of course, but a contrast of textures, temperature, colors, and tastes play a part also. Providing contrast in foods can add interest to an otherwise boring meal. Here's some ideas:

To provide a contrast in texture, combine crunchy with smooth. A crisp salad with smooth mashed potatoes; for breakfast, crunchy toast with a soft-boiled egg; crunchy corn flakes with slices of smooth banana.

To provide a contrast in temperature, combine cold or cool, with hot. Ice cream with hot chocolate sauce; or a cold salad with a sizzling steak.

To provide a contrast in color, combine contrasting colors on the plate. A red tomato slice on green lettuce; yellow peaches with green grapes; or chocolate cake with a light-colored icing.

To provide a contrast in tastes, combine mild with strong. A mild-tasting baked or fried fish served with the strong taste of lemon juice or tartar sauce. reason a steak dinner is so appealing is the cold salad contrasts with the sizzling hot steak, and the crunchiness of the salad contrasts with the smoothness of the baked potato.

All this talk about steak dinners is making me hungry. I think I'll talk hubby into going out tonight! *smile*


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