Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flea Market Kitchen Decor Finds

I heart flea markets.
My secret is out- I love shopping at flea markets. Actually, also vintage stores, antique shops, and garage sales. I love 'em all. Shopping for vintage decor, rooting around and discovering something just right to decorate my kitchen with (especially if it's red and from the '40s or '50s) brings me joy. Take a look at the vintage items I found the other day in Jenks, Oklahoma. Jenks has a lovely,
tree-lined shopping district that is all antiques, vintage, and collectibles. It's my favorite place to have lunch and vintage shop.

A large metal strawberry tray.
I love the strawberry graphic- now to find a place to hang it!
Depression glass, green Block Optic pattern sherbet glasses from the 1930s.
I'll be serving ice cream in these.

A vintage dish towel. I love the vintage logo and biscuits on it.
No dishes will touch this towel- it's for display only. *smile*


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