Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vidalia Sweet Onions

You know its spring in Oklahoma when you see a pickup truck parked to the side of the road and the bed is filled with bright mesh bags full of huge yellow onions. Vidalia sweet onions are for sale! Vidalias are mild and sweet tasting. The sugar content is similar to that of an apple.

Vidalias are grown in a small section of southeast Georgia near the town of Vidalia. The secret to the sweetness is the just-right amount of sulfur in the sandy soil. The same onion grown anywhere else would taste hot.

Interesting note: Vidalia onions are protected by law. It's actually illegal to call sweet onions Vidalias if they are grown outside the Georgia Vidalia region.

Vidalias are delicious on hamburgers, in a salad, or with a steak. Vidalia sweet onions can be used in any recipe which calls for regular onions.


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