Thursday, March 31, 2011

Substitute Margarine for Butter?

Margarine vs Butter
Can I substitute margarine for butter in a recipe? Yes, except for a recipe in which the richer flavor of butter is important such as butter cookies or butter cream frosting.

What is margarine? Margarine is a butter substitute made with vegetable oils. For margarine in recipes buy the solid stick form. Both butter and margarine contain 80% fat.

A note about vegetable oil spreads- Vegetable oil spreads (sometimes called whipped margarine) should not be substituted for butter or margarine. Spreads contain less than 80% fat and some of the fat has been replaced by water. If you use a spread, the quality and texture of baked and fried foods will be affected.

To easily tell the difference between a margarine and a spread check the nutrition label. Margarine (and butter) contain 11 grams of fat per tablespoon. A vegetable oil spread will have less than 11 grams of fat per tablespoon.


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