Friday, February 18, 2011

Free App- Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook

Leave it to the ole standby, Betty Crocker® to come up with a super-nifty app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and the good news is…its free!
Yes! My favorite four-letter word…FREE!
Do your meal planning on the go from whereever you are…how incredibly
handy is that?
The Betty Crocker® Cookbook for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch has:
More than 9,000 kitchen-tested recipes….i.e. that means a plethora
or a whole bunch!
It is fully loaded so it’s super fast and doesn't require a wireless or 3G connection. (Cool!)
Features include:

  • Recipe Search: Search for a favorite dish. There it is!

  • Ingredient Search: Do you have too many canned tomatoes in the cupboard? Do an ingredient search and find a recipe that includes the ingredients you specify.

  • Recipe Detail with Photos: Detailed step-by-step instructions, full nutritional information, and photos. (I love photos.)

  • Recipe Email: Send the recipe to yourself or a friend.

  • Favorites: Save your favorite recipes for later access.

  • Coupons: Receive mobile coupons for your favorite General Mills® products. Use your mobile handset to show the cashier the coupon. The cashier will scan the barcode shown.

For more info visit Betty Crocker.
The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook app is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore.

P.S. Not a paid advertisement. I just thought it was a super-handy app and thought you might like to know about it. *smile*

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