Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flour-The difference between all-purpose and self-rising flour.

A faithful reader asked me the other day "What is the difference between
all-purpose flour and self-rising flour?" The answer is-

All-purpose flour is a blend of selected hard and soft wheats. As the name says, it can be used for all types of baking. In fact, this is the flour I use 99 percent of the time. Now, with self-rising flour the baking powder and salt has already been added. It should be used in recipes that specifically ask for self-rising flour such as your grandmother's recipe for buttermilk biscuits.

Be sure to check your recipe to see which flour is asked for before you begin. Often no particular flour is mentioned (it just says flour). This means you should use plain ole all-purpose flour.
To see how to measure flour accurately go here.

Next post I will go over additional types of flour such as bread flour, cake flour, and wheat flour. I'll also cover flour recipes (recipes that use flour as a main ingredient).

For more helpful info on different types of flour, their uses, and recipes visit Gold Medal Flour and King Arthur Flour websites.

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