Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sugar- More than just for sugar cookies!

 Did you know there are several different kinds of sugar?

Everyone knows sugar, the white stuff that sweetens everything from coffee to fancy bakery desserts but did you know there are several different kinds of sugar? Each has its own texture and special uses.

White granulated sugar- This is the all-purpose sugar we are most familiar with. It's used for everyday baking such as sugar cookies, cakes, and for sweetening beverages.

Light brown sugar- This is sometimes called golden brown sugar. It is a natural combination of sugar and molasses. Light brown sugar has a caramel-like flavor with just a hint of molasses. It's used in ham glaze recipes this time of year as well as in chocolate chip cookies and in the crumb topping on apple crisp. Brown sugar is measured differently than white sugar.

Powdered sugar- Powdered sugar has a very fine grain size and so has a light, powdery texture. It is sometimes called icing sugar and is used in making frosting, icing, and candies.

Dark brown sugar- This is similar to light brown sugar but darker in color, with a richer molasses flavor. It is used in cookies like gingerbread men, as well as in savory foods such as barbecue sauces and meat marinades.

Additional sugar types include- Baker's Sugar, Superfine, and Washed Raw. Learn more about the different kinds of sugar and their uses at the C&H Sugar website. Also, check out C&H Sugar for yummy holiday cookie recipes and neat baking gift ideas for the season!

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