Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Measuring Cups 3 - Measuring Brown Sugar

Pack it in there!

I love measuring brown sugar. It reminds me of making sand castles at the beach. It's also great for working out your aggressions when you've had a bad day. Ha!

Measuring Brown Sugar-
  1. Choose the measuring cup size your recipe calls for.
  2. Choose a regular kitchen spoon.
  3. Scoop a spoonful of brown sugar from the container. Put it in the cup.
  4. Using the back of the spoon press the sugar firmly down into the cup. Use some elbow grease and really pack it in there!
  5. Add another spoonful of sugar and repeat.
  6. Level off the top with a straight-edge kitchen knife.
How do you know you measured right? When you remove the sugar it should keep the shape of the cup as shown.
Tip: If your brown sugar is hard you can soften it in the microwave. Place the brown sugar in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover it with a lightly-dampened white paper towel. (I usually sprinkle the towel with a little water from the tap.) Zap it on high for 20 seconds. Check for softness. If it's still too hard zap it for another 20 seconds. Stir. Be careful when removing the sugar from the microwave. It will be hot!


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