Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Measuring Cups 2- Measuring Flour

It's a little different from the usual scoop and level!

These days most all-purpose flour comes already sifted for you. The word "pre-sifted" will be on the front of the bag. This is why we measure flour "lightly" into the measuring cup.

Measuring Flour
  1. Choose the measuring cup size your recipe calls for.
  2. Choose a regular kitchen spoon. The kind you eat cereal with will do fine.
  3. Take a spoonful of flour from the container.
  4. Hold the spoon an inch or so over the cup.
  5. Tip the spoon so the flour falls gently into the cup. Think "high and light".
  6. Level off the top with a straight-edge kitchen knife. Perfect!

No-nos: You may be tempted to scoop or drag the cup through the flour. This will cause it to pack down in the cup and you'll end up with too much. I know from experience. One day, I did this while in a hurry and I made the driest biscuits you can imagine! Ha!


  1. I never knew flour was all pre-sifted...and I always just dipped the cup in the bag...I'll know better next time lol
    Thanks for the tips!